Speaking at Web Devcon

I've tinkered with the idea of giving a talk at a "real" (read: commercial) conference for some time already. In the meanwhile life happened and kept me from really acting on this thinking. One could also say, that I simply didn't give the topic enough priority.

But this doesn't mean I wouldn't act, if the chance lies at my doorstep. So, when Markus Stäuble recently asked me, if I would like to give a talk about integrating social networks (into one's site/applications) at this years web devcon, I happily said yes.

If you're at the conference, of course you have to come see my talk. If you're in Hamburg on the 17th or 18th October, and have time for a meetup, just give me a shout.

Update: The talk went pretty well, and the slides can be found here.