Reading List

Inspired by the book Apprenticeship Patterns I finally gave in and started a reading list. Actually I really wanted to do this earlier already, but the book pushed me over the edge. The magic of plausible numbers are very convincing, as they quote the following passage from Steve McConnell's Code Complete:

If you read even one good programming book every two months, roughly 35 pages a week, you’ll soon have a firm grasp on the industry and distinguish yourself from nearly everyone around you.

Who am I to argue with that?

So here I am, with a list what to read next, and my comments on the books I read. Note, that this list doesn't go into the past very far, and includes very few (or no?!) books I read prior to 2011. And: I reserve the right to also read non-programmer books.


The finished books I've written about on this site are listed below.